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Skincare Relationship

In today’s current climate and the many things that we have to worry about the one thing we are always looking for is the fastest easiest way to handle any of our many daily routines.  At the very top of the list is, you guessed it.  Our daily self-care regime is also best known as skincare.  With so many products in the market and continuous advertisements, it is almost impossible to really be confident about the product choices we make.  Increasing our lack of trust hindering our ability to commit and yield results.  We always want to try the next best thing or the new product that just hit the market since it is doing “wonders” for a coworker, relative, or friend, so they said.   This is the moment we tell our clients to STOP!

Just like any good relationship that is worth having we ask for commitment.  If you are looking at this post is because your past skincare relationships have left you empty, dissatisfied, and seeking something better.  In your heart, you know It is time to find a natural product that works for you and yields results.  Like any good thing, It will take time.  Unlike other past skincare relationships that were looking to engage with you temporarily. We are here for the long haul. We are committed and we ask for a reasonable commitment from you too.  In order to see if Skin Candy Bath Products are a good match.  We ask that you use our products for a minimum of 30 days no strings attached.   Try your favorites, order as much or as little as you want.  We can make some recommendations and see what happens.  Just give yourself that time and see how our products work for you. This will allow your skin to start detoxing from the previous products you were using; especially if they were infused with synthetic materials/manmade chemicals.  In order to allow your skin to make the transition to a natural, organic routine designed to restore and rejuvenate.  We believe that your natural is beautiful but the influx of too many new products in the market and the constant changes has caused a negative impact on your skin reacting by increased inflammation, acne flare-ups, blackheads, acne scars, and many other ailments.  It is time to change and work towards clear skin with natural skin care treatments that work.   Are you ready to make a commitment?   We are ready to start a wonderfully lasting relationship with you.  We are here for you.


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