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The Oracle On Main Street: A Journey Through The Fifth Dimension (Book)

The Oracle On Main Street: A Journey Through The Fifth Dimension (Book)

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This fictional book written by our Creative Director Marilyn Viruet. Gives a glimpse to a hidden world. A story portrait in a fun creative way about self-love and self acceptance. Encouraging us to listen to our inner self, to pursue our dream fearlessly without any regrets. To always follow that little voice inside to wherever it may lead. <br /><br />The Oracle On Main Street is Margaret Bishop, a 25 year old, in the 1950’s. A beautiful southern belle, librarian aid from Mobile, Alabama, a dreamer, who gets an opportunity of a lifetime when is given the responsibility to oversee an artifact exhibit in her hometown’s library with never before seen relics. Especially an old document dated back from 200 B.C. with a rare never seen before undisclosed manuscript found in the Southeastern and Gulf basins of the United States. Through this experience she encounters a thirty three year old, foreign gentleman called Marcelino. A scholar, theologian, art dealer, world traveler, with worldly connections must of all divine wisdom that lives in the south and owns a little antique shop in Georgia called The Oracle on Main Street. Marcelino becomes Margaret’s colleague, mentor, her reason for admiration and frustration all in all changing Margaret’s world and the way she sees it, taking her places she has never been and indulging her vivid imagination letting her consciousness travel through different dimensions while brewing a special kind of pure love testing her courage and ability to wonder in the unknown. This is an intriguing, fun story that can teach us a thing or two about how we see ourselves, humanity, and the world that surrounds us. <br />

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